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What is a Giclee?


A Giclee print (pronounced zhee-klay) does not use a screen or mechanical devise and therefore has no visible dot pattern. A Giclee print has all the values, colors and continuous tones of the original picture. The inks are special fade-resistant archival inks that should be kept away from direct sunlight, (Indeed, all paintings and fine prints should be kept away from direct sunlight). Although a Giclee can be printed on any surface, Antonio's Giclees are printed on fine-grade watercolor paper. The finished reproduction is thus as close to the original painting as possible. 


All Giclees are limited edition, and come with certificate of authenticity, and signed and numbered by the artist.


If you see and painting that has not been printed, Antonio will consider transforming it into a Giclee.




* 8" X 10"                $ 105

* 9" X 14"                $ 125

* 12" X 16"              $ 195

* 16" X 20"              $ 295



20" X 30"                $ 370

30" X 40"                $ 700

60" X 40"                $ 1,325


* All prints available in standard sizes


Shipping additional


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Limited Edition Box Set: The Bridges of New York

The nine major bridges of New York are more than structures of steel and stone. They define Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. They connect peoples. They are the arteries by which the lifeblood of one of the greatest cities on Earth flows. They are a testament to the age in which we live. For these reasons and more, I have put brush to paper to capture these monuments to our modern age.


This unique set of limited edition prints of the nine major New York bridges contains a 16" x 20" giclee print of each bridge in an archival box. Each set is hand numbered and signed by me and, once they are gone, they will never appear in this form again.


There were only 99 sets created, which makes these unique sets a must for serious collectors, who plan to keep them in their original archival box for posterity, as well as art connoisseurs who plan to decorate their home or office with these magnificent works of art.


You will receive a 16" x 20"

Giclee print of each of the

9 Bridges of New York which
comes in an Archival Box 

$1,885 plus $50 shipping

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