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Painting Demo at The Atelier at Flowerfield

A Bold Approach to Water Based-Mediums


Antonio Masi is president of the American Watercolor Society and an International renowned painter. The goal of this demonstration is to show the untapped power of water- based mediums. The focus will be on how to approach the mediums from a contemporary point of view, powerful, emotional and delicate. Learn how attention to details and unusual perspective make for poetic, moody works, with strong textural qualities.


During his demonstration, he will explain the uses of his paints, paper, palette and brushes and how he applies color and how to loosen up during painting.


An Interview by Cheap Joe's Terry Henry


Cheap Joe's Terry Henry sits down with artist Antonio Masi for an in depth interview.

PleinAir Podcast: Episode 42 

Antonio Masi and Watercolor's Advantage


In this episode of the PleinAir Podcast, Publisher Eric Rhoads sits down with American Watercolor Society President Antonio Masi. As one could expect, Rhoads and Masi delve into all things watercolor, discussing the medium's advantages over oil and how the artist makes his colors "personal".


Thank you to everyone for all your support! My Kickstarter Campaign funded and I was able to create a very unique project.


The nine major bridges of New York are more than structures of steel and stone. They define Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. They connect peoples. They are the arteries by which the lifeblood of one of the greatest cities on Earth flows. They are a testament to the age in which we live. For these reasons and more, I have put brush to paper to capture these monuments to our modern age.


This unique set of limited edition prints of the nine major New York bridges contains a 16" x 20" giclee print of each bridge in an archival box. Each set is hand numbered and signed by me and, once they are gone, they will never appear in this form again.


There were only 99 sets created, which makes these unique sets a must for serious collectors, who plan to keep them in their original archival box for posterity, as well as art connoisseurs who plan to decorate their home or office with these magnificent works of art.



A New York Times Video

A Tale of Two Bridges - Living City

In September 2014 the New York Times did a video about the Bridges of Manhattan. With thousands of bridges in New York State deemed structurally deficient, there are two choices: repair or rebuild. The 60-year-old Tappan Zee Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge are the latest examples. Because of Antonio's extensive knowledge and love of these bridges the New York Times asked him to be a part of the video. 

Painting Demo

America's great bridges, built almost entirely by immigrant engineers, architects, and laborers, have come to symbolize not only labor and ingenuity but also bravery and sacrifice. The building of each bridge took a human toll. The Brooklyn Bridge's designer and chief engineer, John A. Roebling, himself died in the service of bridge building. But beyond those stories is another narrative--one that encompasses the dreams and ambitions of a city, and eventually a nation.

At this moment in Asia and Europe many modern large-scale, long-span suspension bridges are being built. They are the progeny of New York City's Golden Age bridges. This book comes along at the perfect moment to place these great public projects into their historical and artistic contexts, to inform and delight artists, engineers, historians, architects, and city planners. No other book has focused specifically on these iconic spans or explained their historical importance.

New York's Golden Age of Bridges will encourage the understanding and appreciation of the art and history of bridges, explore the inestimable connections that bridges foster, and reveal the extraordinary impact of the nine Golden Age bridges on the city, the nation, and the world.


  • Masi's paintings are reproduced in lavish color, making a great coffee table book for New Yorkers, ex-New Yorkers, and wishes-they-were-New Yorkers.

  • Dim's essays are heartfelt reflections that exude a love for New York and wonder at the city's architectural marvels. Each Chapter offers a microhistory of the bridge, incorporating art, politics,city planning and infrastructure.

  • Both the paintings and the essays reflect highly personal connections with the bridges: Masi in particular is inspired by his own grandfather's work on the Queensboro.

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