My Kickstarter Campaign: The Bridges of New York

I am creating a limited edition set of high-quality giclee prints of the nine iconic bridges of New York. In order to do so, a startup cost of $15,000 must be raised.

Only 99 box sets will be created, which makes these unique sets a must for serious collectors, who plan to keep them in their original archival box for posterity, as well as art connoisseurs who plan to decorate their home or office. Once the box sets are sold out, they will never appear in this form again.

By “donating” money to the project, you will help me reach this goal and, as a thank you, you get a “reward” such as a postcard for a $5 donation, to the complete set of nine prints, hand-signed and numbered in an archival box, for $950 and lots of levels in between.

The project has till October 18th to raise the $15,000. If the goal is not reached the project will not get funded and the box set will not be produced. If you donated and the goal is not reached, your credit card will not be charged, and no rewards will be sent.

This Kickstarter campaign is an amazing way to own a piece of history at a very reasonable price and fund a legacy. Thank you for your support!